This ‘Devil Lip’ Trend Is 2019’s Weirdest Beauty Fad by Far  

As if 2019 hasn't been weird enough, people are ending the year—and the decade—on a seriously bizarre note with the strangest beauty trend yet.

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“Devil lip” is the latest viral sensation making the rounds on the internet. The trend has unclear origins, but it appears to involve injections into the lips to give them a devil horn-like appearance. Though the fad is catering to a very niche audience, it's caught on: a quick hashtag search on Instagram turns up over 1,700 photos of people taking part in the ghoulish trend. 

The images are creepy, and you'd imagine that the injections would be harmful. But they actually are not, Debra Jaliman, MD, a New York City–based dermatologist and author of Skin Rules, tells Health.

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“It's a different aesthetic and definitely 'unnatural' but not dangerous,” says Dr. Jaliman. However, any lip injection procedure does come with the risk of over-injection, she adds. 

“If you put too much filler and don’t know the anatomy you can block [an] artery and cause sloughing (or shedding) of the skin,” she says. 

Because this beauty fad is likely temporary, we can all take solace in knowing that the procedure can be reversible—but only if you use the right filler. 

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“If it’s done with hyaluronic acid it can be reversible, but not if done with a permanent filler,” says Dr. Jaliman. “There is a dissolver that instantly dissolves hyaluronic filler. As long as you use a filler with this natural substance.”

If you’re considering taking part in the devil lips trend, do your research and talk to your doctor about how to do it, she advises. Or opt for a totally safe route and use Photoshop to create devil lip on selfies.

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